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When does the registration get activated?

Once we get your registration form and your payment receipts are confirmed, your service will be activated and you can start using our services. Back to Top

I didn't receive an email. Now what do I do?

Sometimes emails get lost. Or it is possible that you may have entered an incorrect email address by mistake. You can email us on contact@ramanandisathi.com with the Name, username and email address that you used to Register, and we will go through it and get back to you as soon as possible. Back to Top

What is the security of the submitted information & photos?

We have precise rules & regulation for our user's personal details. We do not disclose or sale any user's details to anyone. Only fully registered member will be able to see the information, the fully registered member will be verified for their authentication.
We approve any profile once we manually verifying mobile no., email & all other registration detail of that user. Only verified and serious users are our members.

What is the security of the my profile photos?

We are very strict about it. First of all we verify every single photo manually.
At the www.ramanandisathi.com we used multi layered security mechanism to protect your photos. with help of it no one can have access to your profile photos. No one can save it as well as download it.
Only registered member will be able to see your photos, the fully registered member will be verified for their authentication.
So, Don't be worried. Your information & photos will be in safe with us. And we ensure you that. Back to Top

Do www.ramanandisathi.com share my contact details to other registered user?


How much money do I have to give to Register on www.ramanandisathi.com for membership?

It is absolutely FREE of cost. Submit your profile is absolutely free of cost. A nominal fee has to be paid to view the contact details of others. Back to Top

What is a www.ramanandisathi.com paid Membership?

Membership with which you are entitled to view the others profile on www.ramanandisathi.com is entirely FREE of cost. However, to view the contact details of other profiles on www.ramanandisathi.com there is a minimal service charge. This service is not available for non-paying FREE members of www.ramanandisathi.com . Back to Top

What are the benefits of Registering on www.ramanandisathi.com?

You have to be Registered member for searching and viewing the profiles. You have to be a paid member for viewing the contact details of profiles. You can add information about yourself and your family - FREE. Back to Top

What are the benefits of the www.ramanandisathi.com paid Membership?

The www.ramanandisathi.com paid Membership allows you to view the contact details of other Registered members and initiate contact with them. As a free member the applicant is allowed to search and view other member's profile but you cannot view their contact details. Back to Top

What should I do, if I could not submit my details or photos due to some reason?

For any query or problem any member can call our customer support on +91 9712777122 ( Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM ), or they can directly leave us massage on our E-Mail : contact@ramanandisathi.com or any user could leave us massage by directly entering contact us page available on Home page of our website. Or they can send us a whatsapp message on +91 9712777122. Any problem or query will be short out in 24 to 48 business hours. Back to Top

Is there any alternative ways to creat my account & upload my details without visiting website?

Yes, We are providing unique facility of creating users profile. If due to some reasons, interested users could not upload their details or visit our website, than without even visiting www.ramanandisathi.com they can create their profile.
User can send following details with following methods:
Details : Good Looking Photos, E-Mail, Mobile No, Full Name, Education & Occupation Details along with other personal informations.
Methods :
1) You can mail us your details on following E-Mail Address : contact@ramanandisathi.com
2) You can send us your details via Whatsapp message on following Mobile No : +91 9712777122
3) You can call us on following Mobile No : +91 9712777122 ( Monday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM )
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How do I delete my Ramanandi Sathi Account?

You can click here to deactive your profile. Back to Top

For any other queries please contact our customer care team.