Kartik Nimavat & Ankita Nimbark

Ramanandi Sathi

Ceremony Date : 2016-05-03
Bride Name : Ankita Nimbark
Groom Name : Kartik Nimavat
Bride ID : RSID1123
Groom ID : RSID1102

Story : Hello, Thank you very much to made this Auspicious website, it helps to all our ramanandi 's. here declare that we have arrange the marriage. Our bless for your website go ahead and reached the highest members as soon as possible. thank you very much. - Kartik Nimavat

"Congratulations to a Beautiful Couple. Your Love has reached New Heights. May your Future be a Bright and Happy one & fulfilled with Health, Wealth & Prosperity."
- Ramanandi Sathi Team


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